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mapping taiwan: huilian

The water splashes when hitting the riverbanks and makes their way down the stream. Little creatures travel through the aquatic plants and climb onto pebbles that have a gleam of green. These pebbles and rocks sunken on the bottom of the river were then washed up by the stream and buried under mountains of minerals. They are the rich nephrite mined and tossed back into the wilderness.

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views of visual memory


Views of Visual Memory series started with 15 brooches created for my Rhode Island School of Design BFA degree project in 2010.

The past is a foreign country. You remembered it in your memory, vividly as if it is happening right in front of you and touchable, but it is a mirage that you can never reach again. This collection of brooches is an act of reflection upon the past. When a milestone in life approaches, there is an unavoidable urge to look back in time and be comforted by histories to combat the unknown future. Re-memory is a response to uncertainty and an escape from reality.

Memory is like an illustration with splashes of color and lines. The simplification of the memories in this series are how I perceived my past and my surroundings. However, with the abstraction and simplification, the imagery become a reference point that can act as communal memories, memories that everyone could have in common. These moments are snap shots of things that left an impressions with me, but are often hidden deep in the subconscious due to their commonality.

The presentation of the moments and abstraction is always a conscious design decision during the making of Views of Visual Memory. Abstraction blurred the specificity of the memory, thus it becomes relatable to each viewer’s personal memory. I can tell specific stories by looking at my work, because they are representational of my memories, but I am also interested in what it reminded others in their personal memory. The image resonates with people from different backgrounds as communal memory, but it would also reminds people of unique experiences within their personal memories. The invisible thread that connects people in the form of memory is fascinating.


The concept that everyone in the world share at least one thing in common with one another is a powerful thought.



Footprints in the sand show where one has been.

Path series was inspired by trails left in the snow and how one maps out their life. Every decision has countless possible futures, but we can only choose one to proceed. When we are on a path, we can always look back on the trail we made to learn from past mistakes, successes, and regrets.


thread & chatelaine

Chatelaine is a decorative and functional belt hook or clasp worn at women's waist. With its suspended chains, Chatelaine can carry useful household tools such as scissors, thimbles, keys, sewing kits, watches, etc. It is a decorative tool (a status symbol in the 19th century) to solve troubles. 

Thread & Chatelaine is a series of work that reinterprets chatelaine, the portable tool kit. Inspired by an image of a chatelaine sewing kit, the pieces explores the different ways thread can be carried. The thread and needles become decorative elements in the pieces, and in some pieces, remains functional when you need to get a small seam repaired.

flora and fauna


Nature inspires and transforms the way I look at the world; it is in a constant state of flux and urges me to pay attention to the details of commonplace things. 


The leaves, seed pods, flowers, birds, and animal in nature are the tangible references from the moment human have memories. Fascinated by the color, texture, motion, and memory found in nature everyday, it becomes a fundamental element, sometimes the sole element, in my work.