Marketing & Design at

Contemporary Craft

Pittsburgh, PA

I started my current Marketing Manager position at Contemporary Craft, an arts non-for-profit organization focused on contemporary craft in Pittsburgh, PA, in 2017.


The position’s responsibility covers the majority of external communications, branding, and strategic marketing for the organization: graphic design and production of marketing collaterals, content generation, social media management, e-newsletter creation, website maintenance, media relations, marketing partnerships, event photography, project management, and event planning.


I am involved in every process relating to marketing, from doing the research to developing the strategies, from coordinating with multiple departments for an event or campaign to the actual execution of strategies and action plans.

One of the most exciting things working at Contemporary Craft is being surrounded by exceptional art that are handcrafted by regional, national, and international artists. Coming from an art and design background, I notice how craft surrounds and brightens up my day and I would love for everyone to find the small, creative moments in their bustle everyday life.

Many people feel discouraged by the thought of visiting an art exhibition or attending an artist-led workshop. “This is not for me”, “I am not creative/artistic”, “I don’t understand art” are just some of the barriers I’ve heard. However, craft is close to people’s lives - from the cup we drink from to the jewelry we wear, from how we tie our shoe laces to how we make a collage birthday card for a friend.


When I create written and visual content for the organization, I always keep the “people” in mind - those who love art, those who are interested in learning about art but haven’t take a step forward, and those who are looking for a place to have an experience. Contemporary Craft is where art comes to life (with free admissions).


One of the things I have focused on is to strengthen the organization’s institutional marketing, which supported the results of audience growth and the increase in engagements throughout the organization’s marketing channels and exposures in the media.


Press release sample: 

E-newsletter writing samples:

  • During Stephanie's time at Contemporary Craft, the organization won 2017 and 2018 Constant Contact All Star Award. This All Star Award recognizes the most successful 10% of Constant Contact’s customer, based on their significant achievements using email marketing to engage their customer base and drive results for their organization during the prior year. Both e-newsletter examples provided below have Open Rate > 22% and Click Rate > 11%.

Constant Contact All Star Award 2018 Winner

In addition to the day-to-day marketing efforts, I was also involved in many special projects as the project lead. Here are a few selected projects:

  1. Relocation and sustaining marketing campaign with consultant Judy Kelly and marketing agency, Blender Inc. Project included brand refresh, relocation campaign, and establishing sustaining marketing strategies and action plans.

  2. RADical Days, a free and public annual event to showcase the organization as a part of The Allegheny Regional Asset District. The 2019 RADical Day event at Contemporary Craft was a full-facility, full-day event, because the organization is moving to its new, permanent location in 2020. The event included a garage sale and book/exhibition catalog giveaway, an organization history timeline made with past exhibition postcards, a leave-you-mark graffiti wall art activity, and a hands-on paper weaving coaster activity.


  3. Contemporary Craft's new home announcement press event with marketing agency Shift Collaborative in 2019. Project included media relations, event planning, design assets, and press materials. The event was documented by Renee Rosensteel, but I did the basic video editing on the published video.

  4. Consumer behavior project with professor Cait Lamberton in 2018. Project included signage messaging and position testing, direct mail postcard A/B testing, on-site traffic flow observations, and being one of the “clients” for Professor Lamberton’s consumer journey mapping student final project at University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business.

  5. Market research and brand awareness project with Prescott & Associates in 2017 - 18. Project included a comprehensive online survey, one-on-one interviews,and on-site intercept interviews and behavioral observations.

  6. Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home exhibition video production with Two Kids and a Camera in 2017.