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Work at
Union project

Pittsburgh, PA

My journey with Union Project, a grassroots, not-for-profit organization focused on ceramics and community engagement in Pittsburgh, PA, started as the Marketing and CRM Implementation Intern in 2015. At the time, I was in my final year of pursuing my master's degree in Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon University.

I was brought in to focus on researching the most suitable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the organization and looking at their FileMaker Pro database and day-to-day workflows to start a plan for the system transition later on. When there was a downtime in the CRM research and planning, I supported the organization's marketing efforts.

When I graduated with a Masters in Arts Management in 2016, I was hired by Union Project as the Marketing and CRM Consultant (Full-Time). The position’s responsibility included continuing the CRM implementation with the arrival of grant funding and all marketing efforts for the organization, which included graphic design for marketing collateral, social media management, e-newsletter, website maintenance, media relations, project management, eCommerce, photography, and special event support. 


One of the most exciting things working at Union Project is working with open-minded people who are always thinking about how they can better serve the surrounding neighborhoods and the artist community. The bold and passionate culture I felt in the organization was translated into the designs and content created.

UP Designs

During my time at Union Project, I picked photography back up to document works by artists and at special events. The photos were used on the organization’s social media channels, website, and online store (a project that I spearheaded but unfortunately discontinued shortly after I left the organization).

UP Project Managemen

Two of the main projects I worked on at Union Project are:

  1. The CRM implementation project with the Cloud For Good consultants/developers in 2016 -17 to customize a Salesforce CRM system that aligned with the workflows and activities of the organization.

    The project included coordinating internal interviews, identifying essential requirements and potential simplification on workflows, system testing, liaison between staff, the CRM task force, and the consultants/developers, and writing a comprehensive user manual for the organization.


  2. The eCommerce project was started to bring the existing branded merchandise online, support the organization’s co-op artists, and potentially be a part of the professional development program for artists that the organization was thinking about providing.

    The project included research, online store set up, developing a store policy and a fulfillment manual, spearheading the Artist Spotlight initiative, and working with featured artists on product development, pricing, and photography.

    Press release sample: 

  • Union Project Supports Local Emerging Artists through a new project - The Artist Spotlight

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