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Drunks Series

Tao Chen. A ceramic giraffe who makes picked cabbage after he drinks.

Drunks Series is a quirky series of ceramic animal pieces that I started making in 2014.

At first, I was just play with clay in Hui Fang Wu's (Dan Ceramics) studio. These animal started to take on interesting visual qualities; they are looking for something emotionally and is in a trance. The first drunken animal was Tao Chen.

Drunks Series - Tao Chen

Tao Chen. A ceramic giraffe who makes picked cabbage after he drinks.

Tao Chan is a giraffe.

A giraffe that craves for delicious food. He always digs deep into the bottom of the bowl for the last bits of his breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tao Chan also makes great pickled cabbages. He makes them in his three-legged pot passed down from his grand-mama. He makes those pickled cabbages after he drank too much with his drinking buddies. It makes Tao Chan feel sober.

Camel Ako. A ceramic duck carrying a cup on her back.

Drunks Series - Camel Ako

Camel Ako is not a lady camel, she is actually a madam duck. She used to carry her baby duckies on her back.

But when they swam toward their bright future, she started carrying a barrel of "something", and try to remember those bitter sweet past times.

Camel Ako would always bring sake to her drunk animal friends on their drinking dates. Every time she unloads the sake off of her back, she feels naked and incomplete.

Three ceramic animal having a drinking party

When the sun hides behind the horizon, the silly, daily drinking dates between three friends will have started already. They are drinking in the garden today and with no fear for mosquitoes or tick bites.

Drunks Series - Snoozy

Snoozy, the party snoozer. First cup and he is red. Second cup and his head swings and there are sparkles in his eyes.

Snoozy, a ceramic dog is enjoying his drinks

Third cup and he starts whimpering and rumbling. Fourth cup and his arms fly, wave, and twist. Fifth cup and he dances to that unsound music and, THUD!

Sixth cup and he is already on the ground, posed like a rock star, waiting for the cheering of his fans to roar him back on his feet. Seventh cup and he drinks in his sleep. The love he received in his dreams are too rich.

Eighth cup, ninth cup... and who is really counting any more?

Rosa von Wein. A ceramic cat who loves flower and sweet wine.

Drunks Series - Rosa von Wein

Tonight's hostess is Rosa von Wein, a kitty sweetheart that can drink! Like her name, Rosa von Wein loves flowers and wine. The sweeter kind of wine, just like how she is most of the time.

She holds a glass of trockenbeerenauslese in her hand, and watches the other two fiddle with the plum wine she had prepared.

They don’t like sweet wine, but who cares? Rosa von Wein thought to herself.

Like a queen, she sips.

Far from being sober, she is the queen.

Whiskey Bottom, a ceramic dragon who drink hard liquor

Drunks Series - Whiskey Bottom

Another day, another night. Whiskey Bottom and his pals are rounding up for a few rounds.

“No more of those tooth-rotting wine sodas!” He shouts to Rosa von Wein, the hostess of the night.

“These are bottles of real alcohol!” As he speaks, he start filling up the glasses with whiskey, brandy, or gin. It doesn't even matter what kind of alcohol they are, because with a blink of an eye, down into Whiskey Bottom's belly they go!

Gallant, magnanimous, bold, unrestrained and unlimited. Whiskey Bottom has a big ass heart, as wide as his buttocks and as deep as his belly goes, with no end.

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